Joe Bryan / Max Lowe / Craig Forsyth

August 05, 2018 - Joel Clyne

The Joe Bryan to Derby story came out of the blue last week and with another link in this weekends papers, it would seem that there is a genuine interest in the Bristol full back.

Bryan is in the last year of his contract with Bristol and it seems unlikely that he’ll sign a new one despite manager Lee Johnson saying that he’d expect him to do so should he remain at the club past this transfer window.

The deal mooted today was a cash plus player deal with Craig Forsyth moving in the opposite direction.

The full back role now is so physically demanding with players expected to operate the whole of the flank and the two serious knee injuries suffered appear to have taken their toll on Forsyth.

The emergence of Max Lowe over pre-season probably hasn’t helped either. Lowe looks athletic and elegant in possession and whilst there remains questions over his fitness he looks ready to make the full back spot his own.

And it’s here where questions arise over the interest in Bryan.

What would his signing actually mean for Lowe?

Will his development become stunted by Bryan’s arrival?

Is Bryan being signed for the short term in the hope that we’ll make a quick profit on him, say next summer?

Will Bryan be used as an option further forward?

All valid questions and the final days of the transfer window are certainly going to be interesting.

The likelihood remains that the player will end up at a side in the division above but but it does appear that there’s concrete interest in Bryan.

Derby see this as an area which could be improved and if there’s an opportunity to strengthen an area then it should be taken.