Millwall Away: Naivety Costs Rams

August 18, 2018 - Joel Clyne

In short, Derby cannot keep gifting goals as they have been doing.

Leeds were good last week but the final two goals especially were preventable. The same can be said again today at Millwall.

Derby were naive and paid the price in gifting the opening two goals. At any level gifting goals is absolutely criminal.

The first was an awfully defended set piece in which the ball travelled past everybody before finding the corner of the net.

There was an element of fortune in the second in that it was deflected into the net when it was almost certain to go wide. However, the manner in which Derby conceded possession was abysmal.

Building from the back is all well and good the two holding midfielders in Craig Bryson and Bradley Johnson aren’t great passers of the ball, especially with their back against the play.

Derby were caught out. Scott Carson should have been the danger. Why go short when the press is so high? There are times to build from the back. There are times when a diagonal to a full back is all that’s required.

Derby invited the pressure and in Bryson and Johnson, they don’t have the players to play their way out of a high press.

Tom Huddlestone is sorely missed in this side. He’s ideal for what Lampard wants. Head up, comfortable on the ball, aware of what’s around him and strong. It’s exactly what’s required. The sooner he’s back the better.

There have been too many changes to the defence. This is third league game and we haven’t had a settled back four yet. That’s down to injuries and to an extent can’t be helped but it’s certainly one of the main issues.

The defence needs organising and that’s where Davies can be instrumental.

Derby got back into the game with a sweeping counter attack and a delightful finish from David Nugent, although there could be some question marks over the Millwall keeper.

From then on, The Rams played with purpose and moved the ball well. They had the urgency that had been lacking but ran out of time.

Mason Mount is a gem and going forward Derby look good but they have this awful knack of making things difficult for themselves.

They were too naive today. They were schooled last week. Come Tuesday against Ipswich they need to put something on the board and get this season back up and running because at the moment it feels like it could be one of frustration.