MUSIC: January (again)

January 26, 2018 - Joel Clyne

Inevitably I missed last week’s edition of this. It was always bound to happen. I think I went to the pub instead. Priorities and all that.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty slow start to the year but I finally had an album that I absolutely loved from the off today. Dream Wife’s self-titled debut is an absolute joy and should be listened to immediately.

I’ve updated the January playlist (below). There’s a few from December in there because music stops half way through that month and there’s a couple that are older which were featured on some playlist Spotify whacked together for me but the majority are from this month.

Absolutely love Hop Along – How Simple and the latest release from Young Fathers (their album can’t come soon enough).

Anyway, listen and enjoy and if there’s anything you’ve heard that you liked, send it this way and I’ll give it a go.

Nice one.