Opening Day and Season Predictions

August 03, 2018 - Joel Clyne

New season. New hope. Today’s the day and all of that. I think my opening line has been something like that for each of the past four seasons. Originality is dead.

It’s exciting isn’t it. We’re opening the season tonight, which is pretty cool. FL in the FL. And I bloody well hope we get off to a good start.

Am I mistaken in thinking that we did the same last season when we played Sunderland? When we got absolutely battered for a half, looked dreadful but took an early lead?

Anyway, it seems I never learn. I thought we’d get promoted at this point last season. I think the same this. I’d probably still cling onto hope had Mick McCarthy been put in charge because, well, “he knows the league.”

I’m riddled with optimism at this point. I’ve been so impressed with Frank Lampard, the coaching staff, the way the players have responded and of course, the majority of the performances on the pitch throughout pre-season but now is the time to be serious.

Make no mistake, if we win and we’re sitting top of the league by 10pm tonight I will be tweeting about the league handing us the trophy. But, we have a league to compete in. We have performances to put on now. And the players and staff need to remember what they’re in this for. It’s about time we got out of this league because frankly (no pun) I’m bored of it.


5th (promoted)

Top Scorer
A player who hasn’t signed yet

Player of the Year
Mason Mount

Mel Morris to stick with the manager throughout the campaign
Mason Mount to be an absolute revelation
Jack Marriott – 10 goals
Tom Huddlestone to thrive in the holding role
Bradley Johnson to become a key man before the season is through