A Few Thoughts: Stadium Expansion

November 24, 2017 - Joel Clyne

I was delighted to see the club announce plans to expand the stadium and create a “vibrant destination” at the ground.

Ignore the PR bullshit for a moment and the plans are genuinely really good.

Pride Park has looked dated for ages now. Admittedly, it’s in much better condition than a lot of football league grounds and whilst they maintain elements of their character they are, well, a bit shit really.

I’ve been fortunate enough to go to modern football grounds and sporting arenas. The Allianz Arena in Munich is tremendously open and the ability to walk around the whole ground without walls blocking you from other areas in the ground is particularly nice.

Over in Liverpool, the new stand at Anfield has added much to the match day experience, again with its openness, the politeness of their staff and the food and drink on offer inside the ground.

I think football fans have become accustomed to grounds being shit and largely avoidable. The food’s crap, the beer’s flat, they’re pretty soulless places and aren’t the environment you want to be in.

Pride Park has become one of those places, limited in its own space and this expansion, should it be approved should go some way to improving that soulless pre-game atmosphere.