August 08, 2018 - Joel Clyne

Another day, another new signing for Derby and another smart addition by Frank Lampard and his team.

Coming in off the back of an excellent season with Ipswich (16 goals and 11 assists), Waghorn will bring pace, work rate and strong finishing to Derby’s attack. He’ll also help take the burden off David Nugent who has impressed Lampard since his arrival but he can’t be expected to run the line for a 46 game season.

Waghorn also takes an excellent set piece (check out the video here) which is a fantastic weapon, particularly in tight games further down the line.

It was interesting to hear him say in his interview with RamsTV that he’s probably learnt more in the last three years of his career than he has previously. Going off that and the numbers he hit last season, he could well be a bit of a late bloomer (see Jamie Vardy or Ricky Lambert).

The fee is large (£5million and rising subject to promotion), especially when he could have been signed for significantly less the previous summer but we’ve long gone past the point of fees seeming realistic. I’ll moan about finances another day and just enjoy the player for the time being.

It would now appear that the vast majority of Derbys summer incomings are now done and the club has to turn to outgoings in what is a huge squad.