The Worst Match Review Going

August 04, 2018 - Joel Clyne

Firstly, I didn’t watch the game. I was at a colleagues leaving do in Nottingham and therefore wasn’t able to watch it. My updates were via LiveScore and a flurry of Whatsapps near to 10pm when my phone blew up! So if you’re wanting a detailed review of last night then this probably isn’t going to be it.

Last minute winners are great aren’t they? And this was so last minute as well. It was glorious.

And the celebrations were great too. You could see the togerthness. How much it meant to all of them. Playing staff. Coaching staff. Fans.

And I think that’s what’s best about that win. Is that you could see the unity. I think we tried to have that last year but it felt a bit false. I look back to the Cardiff game at Pride Park and it meant a lot at that point in the season but the whole ‘Viva La Shithouse’ thing felt like a way to actually get to support your own team (Sorry O’Meara!).

Whether the team was any good last night is a different matter. First games rarely show what you’re actually going to get over the remainder of the season and in some ways the result is more important than the actual performance.

I was reading the Guardian’s preview where they asked fans of clubs to submit their previews (mine wasn’t chosen. Thanks lads) and in the Reading section, they finished off with something along the lines of “it’ll be a bottom five finish.” So that tells you where their expectations are.

We had something similar last season in facing Sunderland too. Easy on paper but actually probably the best that they’re likely to be throughout the campaign. The shitness hasn’t had time to bed in. The confidence is relatively high.

So fair fucks to the Rams in coming back and showing the character to keep going to the end. They were rewarded. The header was great. The celebrations were great. And now we can sit back, top of the league and enjoy our weekends.

So far, it’s been great Frank. More of that please.